by Darcey Trescone, RN

Over the years, I have observed that leaders of successful home healthcare agencies embrace the concept of team structure. Never is this more important than during high-level planning of the phases of a software implementation project.

Since an Electronic Medical Record system in the home care and hospice space is not “shrink wrapped” software bought off the shelf at your local Best Buy, it is critical that its deployment be done well, that it be configured to each customer’s business needs. In part two of my series on software implementation, I offer a broad stroke outline for team structure, with a list of specific roles and responsibilities, that has been the foundation of successful software selections and implementations for many organizations I have worked with over the years. (more…)

by Tim Rowan, editor

Video cameras are everywhere today. For proof, just watch any of TV’s twenty or more procedural cop shows and count how many nano-seconds it takes for some brilliant technician to find a traffic or ATM cam that caught that week’s crime. In home care, video has had some success, both for performing virtual visits and as a component of a patient portal system. There have been obstacles, of course. Not the least of which is making the systems easy enough for frail seniors to use.

Introducing “HeartLegacy”


From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Office of the Actuary
Released February 14, 2018

National health expenditure growth is expected to average 5.5 percent annually over 2017-2026, according to a report published today as an “Ahead Of Print” by Health Affairs and authored by the Office of the Actuary at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). (more…)

CMS announced this week that the Hospice and Palliative Care Composite Process Measure: Comprehensive Assessment at Admission (referred to as The Hospice Comprehensive Assessment Measure) has been added to providers’ Hospice-Level and Patient Stay-Level CASPER QM Reports. (more…)

by Darcey Trescone, RN

Competitive advantage.

Darcey Trescone

You seek it; you strive to achieve and maintain it; you know when you have it but you do not find out in time when you lose it. It is important to every business, not just here in Healthcare at Home, so much so that there are numerous articles and hundreds of books written about “How to Gain Competitive Advantage.”

So why, in our healthcare segment, both home healthcare and hospice, do owners and administrators ignore one of the most important drivers of competitive advantage? (more…)