I am happy to see that you have found my new home. Let me tell you the story of this newsletter that is both new and old.

Following the untimely passing of the publisher of Home Care Automation Report on January 9, every effort humanly possible was made to keep his company moving forward with strength and integrity. After six months, it has become clear that the best way to carry on Tom Williams’ legacy as home care technology’s best-known expert is to create a new, dynamic format that will thrive without him where the company he founded could not.

After helping Tom guide the development of home care’s original technology newsletter for the last 10+ years, I am excited to welcome you to this new format. As the voice for home care and hospice technology news and analysis within the broader “Home Care NewSource,” this newsletter will continue to bring subscribers all the important news and insights they have come to expect from Home Care Automation Report since 1995.

Sister publications will cover clinical issues such as OASIS-C, administrative concerns such as Recovery Audit Contractors and an entirely separate newsletter to keep hospice administrators on top of RAC issues specific to their corner of the healthcare industry. Each separate publication will be directed and written by leading experts in the respective fields, including Carolyn Humphrey, Michael McGowan, Heather Wilson and Joy Barry.

As for Home Care Tech Report, our familiar research capability and new guest writers will keep you abreast of important developments in home care and hospice software systems, the hardware and network equipment to run it, home telehealth systems and the behind the scenes stories from the vendors that provide them all, as we always have.

Reader input will be encouraged. Send us tips about technology news that you think your home care and hospice colleagues should know. Vendors, send us your press releases and we will print them prominently. “Vendor Watch” will continue to be a weekly feature.

While you are always welcome to visit this site to see the latest news, if you subscribe, we will send an email every week to alert you when new articles have been posted.

  • To subscribe (or unsubscribe): send an email with “subscription request” in the subject line to subscriptions@homecaretechreport.com
  • To send news items and press releases: send an email to editor@homecaretechreport.com
  • For information about advertising, write to adsales@homecaretechreport.com (generous discounts will be offered as we get started)
  • RSS feeds are now available. Subscribing is as easy as clicking the button above.

I am excited about this new format and hope you will be too. Thank you for your loyalty to my efforts under our friend Tom Williams’ name. I look forward to serving the industry in this new way and hope to meet you at an upcoming home care or hospice state or national meeting.

Your Editor,

Tim Rowan

2 Responses to “Welcome to Tim Rowan's New Technology Report for Home Care!”

  1. Ed Lakin Says:

    What a great move, Tim. Home care has needed a place to “chew on” the shared issues we face for too long now. You are the perfect guy to head this up. You’ve got my eyes.
    Warm regards,
    Ed Lakin

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