Home Care Technology Report has learned that HealthCareFIRST, a home care and hospice software and services company based in Springfield, Missouri, has acquired 100% of the stock of CareFacts, Inc., a home care and hospice software vendor in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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What do these ten technologies have in common? GPS Navigation system

Personal Digital Assistant

Flip Video Camera

MP3 Player

Digital Camera

Handheld Video Game

Notebook PC

Cell Phone

Wrist Watch

TV & Stereo Remote Control

(Click article headline for answer.)

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When some organizations have a good year, they often look around for ways to "pay it forward" to express gratitude for their good fortune. Home care software vendor Kinnser Software did not have to look far. In its hometown, Austin, Texas, fully 50% of children raised in foster care wind up on the streets or in prison after they are released from the system. The community established a program to provide housing and help in other ways but it relies entirely on donations. The Austin Children’s Shelter just received a significant donation.

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Findings by the National Institute on Aging (a part of the National Institutes of Health), indicate that 30% of Americans ages 65-74 and 47% ages 75 and older have some degree of hearing impairment. An estimated 30 million elders are completely deaf. A new product solves the problem these people often have with telephone communications.

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“More frequently than chance would dictate, denial letters dispose of just enough visits to kick a full-pay episode down to a LUPA. When there were seven visits, they deny three; when there were five visits, they deny one. Rarely if ever do agencies see a seven- or ten-visit episode reduced to five.”

by Richard Chesney Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) are economic beings – they’ll go where the easiest money is first. This month, we take a look at the industry factors that indicate why hospices are more vulnerable to RACs compared to home health businesses. Plus, we provide important actions hospices should take now to prepare for […]

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Volume 2, Number 41 — October 25, 2010 70 days until the first Baby Boomer applies for Medicare Dear Home Care Colleague, An innovative agency owner in Southern California is trying something that has not been done before and we want to officially wish him luck with it.

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A new study by Kaiser Permanente of Colorado has found a way to reduce heart-related mortality by 88%. Healthcare cost per patient averaged $60 less per day in a group of just over 600 heart patients enrolled in a population management program that treated patients with electronic health records and computerized disease registries.

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>Collaboration between network carriers and mobile device manufacturers is enabling delivery of meaningful telehealth benefits to virtually anyone, anywhere. This guest article by the founder of a new telehealth company, whom we met at this month’s NAHC meeting, introduces the concept of "commercially-available-off-the-shelf" telehealth devices and predicts their acceptance by the consumer market is imminent.

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